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We are a specialist community bike shop and café based in Limerick. We cater to cyclists across all riding styles at every level with friendly and professional advice from an experienced team of cycling enthusiasts.

The Hub was established by Hugh Morrissey and Alan Ryan in August of 2015. Together with over 30 years of experience in cycling and cycling retail, they decided to create a space where the culture would facilitate customers to seek advice on equipment as well as developing a support driven community for cycling enthusiasts across all levels of experience to share their love of the sport.

Cycle Club

The Hub operates a leisure club, where cycling enthusiasts can come together and share stories and experiences with other members of the community. We are committed to promoting the sport of cycling within the local community and surrounding areas with an environment that is inviting and unintimidating. The cycle Club consist of regular group meeting, advice on road cycling as well as racing at all levels, watching tours on our large screen in store and regular spins that start and finish at the store.

Cycle Club

For more information on our range of bikes, call in store or get in contact with THE HUB today.

Coffee machine
The Hub Bike for life


Coffee and cycling is the perfect combination. Caffeine is a performance enhancing stimulant. In fact, as recently as 2004, the WADA had set a limit of about eight shots per day.

Our beautiful new café offers delicious blends from 1938 Coffee served by qualified baristas. Sourced from the farms in Brazil Fortaleza and Costa Rica Naranjo, our 1938 blend is a well bodied, sweet espresso with buttery toffee notes and a mild fruit like flavour. A selection of baked goodies are also available, so come down grab a coffee take a look at our amazing range of products whilst mingling with other cycling enthusiasts.

Alan & Hugh – THE HUB

Alan & Hugh welcome you to pop in store for impartial advice and guidance for cycling equipment and accessories, to meet other likeminded cyclists and to develop the cycling community within Limerick. We are currently in the process of putting together a team at both an amateur and advanced levels. We are working with local authorities and schools to promote cycling at a young age as well as safe and responsible use of the road. If you would like to learn more about any of our initiatives, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Alan & Hugh – THE HUB
Alan & Hugh – THE HUB

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